Subsidiaries UBM

Strategy and Success Factors

UBM concentrates on pure real estate development and covers the entire value chain from repurposing and planning permits to design, marketing and construction management, right through to sales. The focus is on the three home markets of Austria, Germany and Poland and the three asset classes Residential, Hotel and Office. The internal technical and commercial expertise across the entire value chain facilitates direct cost control and greater profitability.  

The continuous project development and consistent sale of these property projects creates an ongoing cycle of reinvestment. Diversification by country and asset class provides a stable basis for sustainable, solid growth and facilitates a balanced risk spread. The business model is complemented by an asset-light approach, which involves entering into joint ventures and the rapid turnover of projects right through to sales.

UBM has a highly experienced and dedicated management team with an excellent performance record. Local networks and expertise facilitate the acquisition and realisation of attractive projects. A central transaction team with international contacts allows UBM to pinpoint suitable buyers. 


Europe has undergone a fundamental transformation since 1873, when the UBM of today was founded under the name "Union-Baumaterialien-Gesellschaft". From the years of industrial expansion and the stock market crash, to the turn of the century, the World Wars, economic crises and reconstruction, Austria’s arduous path from a monarchy into a republic embedded in a large European community of shared values – it has been a long journey for the people who have worked for UBM since 1873 or placed their trust in the company through their investments.


  • Founded: 3 March 1873
  • Second largest brickmaker in the Austrian monarchy
  • 10 brick-making facilities with over 2,000 employees
  • Market share of around 30% of the Viennese brick market
  • 1912: Porr acquire majority shareholding in UBM


  • Withdrawal from brick manufacturing (sold to the present-day Wienerberger Baustoffindustrie AG)
  • Focus on the real estate development sector in Austria, primarily the Greater Vienna area


  • Consolidating activities in project development and project management
  • 1997: Renamed as UBM Realitätenentwicklung AG
  • Internationalisation of UBM: various European market entries such as the Czech Republic in 1992, Poland in 1993, Germany in 1999, France in 2001 and the Netherlands in 2010


  • Spin-off and merger of UBM with Strauss & Partner Development GmbH (via PIAG Immobilien AG)
  • 2015: Renamed as UBM Development AG
  • Commitment to the capital market and consolidating investor relations activities
  • Capital increase and move to the Standard Market Continuous segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange 
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