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Radiation-oncology unit AKH Vienna

Children are the most vulnerable in our society. That's why we want to make them smile. UBM is donating to the children's waiting area in the radiation-oncology unit of Vienna's main hospital, AKH. We are also supporting people with learning difficulties in Quartier Riedenburg in Salzburg. After all, these people need our support.

Document of donation

Österreichische Schulsporthilfe

Supporting children in need is a priority for UBM. Our donation to the Austrian Association for School Sports will enable children to participate in equestrian vaulting, a therapeutic learning experience. This riding therapy provided by the special education centre in Vienna has proven hugely successful in childhood development. Equestrian vaulting has a positive impact on children's perception, learning, health and motor skills, as well as promoting concentration. Contact with the horses brings the children great joy, thereby having a positive effect on their behaviour and social skills. And so this donation makes a wish come true.

Document of donation

Green Building Award

For UBM, sustainability means assuming responsibility for our built environment. The gentle use of natural resources, public goods and the utilisation of environmentally more friendly building material and energy-optimized technologies are the key focus of our entrepreneurship.

We feel that we have a heavy responsibility for our environment. We do not only realise Green Buildings, but also think that the innovation and the creativity of our employees is a key engine for becoming even better.
Since 2010, UBM therefore awards the internal "UBM Green Building Award" for exemplary developments and implementations in the sustainability sector.

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