Subsidiaries UBM

UBM's entities are acquiring and developing projects. In both phases UBM Hotels is involved with the know-how from the hotel's asset management of existing hotels.

After the sale of the property, UBM Hotels leases the hotel and operates the property through management contracts under internationally known brands. The added value for UBM is that it can sell the hotel with a leasing contract to institutional investors. The added value for UBM Hotels is that it is involved in the development phase, can be characterized by an above-average quality of the property, and the specialists in construction and domestic technology are also available in short distances during operation.

UBM Hotels takes over the asset and performance management.

Given the experience of the UBM Hotels from the ongoing hotel operation, the UBM entities help with the selection of the location, the choice of the operator, the contractual arrangement, etc.

The difference to all other hotel developers and hotel operators (franchisees, etc) active in the market is that UBM represents the entire value chain within the Group. We are not aware of any other company that lives this model.
Competence, experience and reputation of the UBM Group are the strategic start-up advantages of UBM hotels compared to other market participants. The following functions are covered:


Identification, evaluation, design and contracting of new objects. Accompanying the pre-opening phase.

Development of the optimal contract structure for the sale of the properties (sandwich lease, ...).

Performance Management
Improvement in profitability and quality for existing companies with management contracts, if necessary, management of franchise companies.

Technical Asset Management
Ensuring the technical quality of the property in the operating phase

Commercial management

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